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Open Textbooks

Why Open Textbooks

Textbook cost is one of the cost barriers for students to complete college.
  • College textbook prices have risen 1,041 percent Since 1977.

  • The average student should budget $1,240 - $1,440 for textbooks and course materials in 2018-19 in the US.* The average budget in New Jersey is $1,471 and $1,200 at New Jersey City University according to VALENJ. **

  • The cost barrier kept 2.4 million low and moderate-income college-qualified high school graduates from completing college in the previous decade.***

Open Textbooks are a solution.
  • Open textbooks are "textbooks that have been funded, published, and licensed to be freely used, adapted, and distributed. " 
  • The Open Textbook Network is a diverse community of higher education institutions that promote access, affordability, and student success through the use of open textbooks. Visit to know more.
  • OTN now has 78 institutions (82 campuses), 21 Systems & Consortia (904 campuses) and 99 members (986 campuses).
  • Why OTN?
    • Removes financial barriers for all students
    • Facilitates the free exchange of knowledge
    • Gives more control to faculty
    • Can be used to innovate pedagogy
    • Sharing is scalable
  • What does "Open" mean?
    • Open = free + permissions  = Creative Commons (some rights reserved)
    • With Creative Commons licenses you are free to copy, share, edit, mix, keep, use: 
      • Content Customization;
      •  Localization;
      • OER Enabled Pedagogy
    • More information about Open Licenses

More information about Open Textbook Network (OTN) project

OPEN TEXTBOOK NETWORK -  Access, Affordability, and Academic Success
-  by David Ernst. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.