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Barrow Mansion: Barrow Mansion

Barrow Mansion - Images

Barrow Mansion

Barrow Mansion
Photo: A. Selvaggio, 2002

Early 20th century photograph of Wayne Street showing (left to right) the Barrow Mansion, St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, and the Van Vorst (Benjamin Edge) Mansion Courtesy: Jersey City Free Public Library

Barrow Mansion and St. Matthews Lutheran Church

Barrow Mansion

Barrow Mansion
Photo: P. Shalhoub, 2001

Barrow Mansion

Detail of an Ionic Column on the front porch of the Barrow Mansion
Photo: A. Selvaggio, 2002

Map detail from 1873

Detail from Hudson County Atlas 1873
showing the outline of the Van Vorst and Barrow Mansions on the south side of Wayne Street. According to the map, in 1873 the Barrow Mansion property was owned by Susan Paulmier.Van Vorst Park can be seen on the left.

Credits: New York Society of Model Engineer's Library, Ralph Sutton Collection and Historical Maps of New Jersey site of Rutgers University

Map detail from 1919

Detail from the 1919 Plat Book of Jersey City showing the buildings then in existence on the south side of Wayne Street between Jersey Avenue and Barrow Street. The Barrow Mansion at No. 83 has been remodeled as the headquarters of the Young Men's Lutheran Association.The old Van Vorst Mansion at No. 89 was later replaced by the new Wayne Court Apartments before 1928.

Credits: New York Society of Model Engineer's Library, Rich Taylor Collection and Historical Maps of New Jersey site of Rutgers University

Location: Barrow Mansion

Barrow Mansion

Barrow Mansion / Ionic House
83 Wayne Street between Barrow Street and Jersey Avenue

Van Vorst Historic District
National Register of Historic Places
New Jersey Register of Historic Places

The distinctive Greek Revival building known both as the Barrow Mansion and the Ionic House is a stately reminder of classical architecture popular in the mid-nineteenth century. The wood structure has five Ionic columns gracing a two-story portico. The columns divide the building into four equal bays, effecting an offset center hall. The interior of late Federal-early Greek Revival style with some Victorian décor features a ballroom, carved Italian marble fireplaces and twelve-foot ceilings.

It was owned by Dr. William Barrow, a New York City physician, probably between 1835 and 1837, and was one of two similar homes constructed on Wayne Street by the second Cornelius Van Vorst. He was one of the founders of the Township of Van Vorst and mayor of Jersey City from 1860-to-1861. Dr. Barrow purchased the 83 Wayne Street property after he married Van Vorst's sister Eliza. Van Vorst himself resided at 89 Wayne Street. The twin mansions were separated by a lawn and stood near the site of an early Van Vorst family farmhouse. In 1874, Van Vorst sold his home to Dr. Benjamin Edge, a descendent of one of Jersey City's early businessmen, Isaac Edge. The Van Vorst mansion was demolished in the 1920s and replaced by an apartment house.

After the demise of Barrow and his wife, the mansion was sold to the YMCA in 1890 and was modified with a gymnasium and rifle range. St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church purchased the former Barrow residence in 1897 as a parish house. The pistol range was later converted to a two-lane bowling alley in the basement. The following year St. Matthew's Church was built on the lawn between the Barrow and Van Vorst mansions. The church flourished until the 1920s and the former mansion and parish house became a lively and popular social center. Dances in the ballroom as well as card parties and bazaars supplied leisure-time activities for parishioners.

Over the years the Barrow Mansion had suffered from neglect until St. Matthew's congregation successfully applied for it to be placed on the state and national registers of historic places. It allowed for the founding of the Barrow Mansion Development Corporation in 1984 that received grants in 1992 and 1995 from the New Jersey Historic Trust and other grantors for building restoration. The mansion is currently used as a community center and is the home of the Attic Ensemble, a resident theater company. The building also serves as the venue for the monthly meetings of the Van Vorst Park Neighborhood Association.

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