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Library Resources for HIST 205: Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations

Featured Library Resources: Civilizations

Daughters of Isis (book cover)
General History of Africa (book cover)
The Terra Cotta Army (book cover)
Mesopotamia (book cover)
The Ancient Indus (book cover)
Ancient Teotihuacan (book cover)
A Day in a Medieval City (book cover)
Classical World (book cover)

Recommended Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

E-Books & Texts (Freely Available)

Ancient Civilizations

Akhenaten The Great Hymn to Aten 

Bhagavad-Gita (Theosophical University Press Online Edition)
Code of Hammurabi -text and commentary from Ancient History Sourcebook at
Confucius Analects of Confucius (HTML at
Epic of Gilgamesh (
Genesis: The Hebrew Creation Story (
Hesiod Theogony (
Hymns from the Rig Veda - the Hindu creation story (PDF
Lao Tzu (Laozi) The Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching), (Sacred Books of the East, Vol 39) [1891] 
Nihongi: The Japanese Creation Story (
Popul Vuh: A Mayan Creation Story (
Siddhartha Gautama The Sermon at Benares from Chinese Cultural Studies: The Buddha:
     Sermons and Teachings (6th century B.C.E.) (HTML at
Yoruban creation myths (HTML at

Classical Era

Aristotle On Happiness (HTML at
Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics, (HTML at Internet Classics)
Aristotle Poetics (HTML at Internnet Classics)
Aristotle Politics, (HTML at Internet Classic)

Cicero,  Marcus Tullius  On the Laws, (HTMLat
Cicero, Marcus Tullius De Officiis, (HTML at
Euripides Medea, (HTML at Internet Classics)
Homer The Iliad  (HTML at Perseus)
Horace The Works of Horace, (HTML at
Juvenal On the City of Rome, (HTML at wsu.ed)
Marcus Aurelius The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, (at Internet Classics)
Plato The Allegory of the Cave from The Republic  (text at
Plato The Apology, (HTML at Internet Classics)
Plato Crito, (Gutenberg text)
Plato Phaedo (HTML at Internet Classics)
Plato The Republic (based on the 1892 edition), (HTML with commentary at Internet Classics)
Plato Symposium, (HTML at Internet Classics)
Sima Qian Records of the Grand Historian: Qin Dynasty, "The First Emperor", (PDF at
Sappho "Seizure" and "To Anaktoria" --Selected Works of Sappho (HTML at
Sophocles Antigone (HTML at Internet Classics)
Sophocles Oedipus the King, (HTML at Internet Classics)
Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War, (HTMLat
Virgil The Aeneid.(HTML at 

The Middle Ages & Beyond

Aquinas,  Thomas, Saint  Summa Theologica (HTML at

Augustine of Hippo City of God Against The Pagans (HTML at
Augustine of Hippo Confessions (PDF at
Chaucer, Geoffrey The Canterbury Tales
Chretien de Troyes Lancelot, or, The Knight of the Cart (HTML at OMACL)
Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy
Volume 1: Gutenberg text
Volume 2: Gutenberg text
Volume 3: Gutenberg text
Marie de France The Lay of the Nightingale 
The Bible (King James Version) (HTML at
The Qur'an, (HTML at
"The Sermon On The Mount" Matthew 5-7  (HTML at
The Song of Roland (HTML at
St. Paul Epistle to the Romans (HTML at
Táin Bó Cúalnge (The Cattle-Raid of Cooley) -the central epic of the Ulster cycle. (HTML at

World Civilizations:

Renaissance and Its Crosscurents

Bijns, Anna Unyoked is Best! Happy the Woman without a Man   (an excerpt )

Christine de Pizan The Book of the City of Ladies, excerpt from the book. (HTML at hanoveredu) 
Luther, Martin The Table-Talk of Martin Luther (HTML at
Machiavelli, Niccolo The Prince  (HTML at
Milton, John Paradise Lost  (HTML at
Montaigne, Michel de Essays,(HTML at
Montaigne, Michel de  On Cannibals (1580)  (HTML at
Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni  Oration on the Dignity of Man  (HTML at Santa Fe)
Sadi The Bustan  (HTML at
Shakespeare, William The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (

World of Transformation and Tradition - 1650 to the Early 1800s

Austen, Jane  Pride and Prejudice (HTML at Bartleby) 
Austen, Jane  Sense and Sensibility (Gutenberg text)

Bolivar, Simon "The Jamaica Letter" (PDF at
Bolivar, Simon Declaration of the Rights of Man  (at
Descartes, René Meditations on First Philosophy  ( 
Hobbes, Thomas Leviathan (
Hume, David An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (HTML
Locke, John  An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (
Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat, baron de The Spirit of Laws. ( 
Napoleonic Code (
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques  The Social Contract (HTMLconstitution.or)
Shelley, Mary Frankenstein (HTML at 
Smith, Adam Wealth of Nations (
U. S. Constitution (HTML at
Voltaire Candide (

Nineteenth Century Modernization and Change

Cao Xueqin The Dream of the Red Chamber [Hong Lou Meng] (HTML

Chekhov, Anton The Seagull (HTML at Gutenberg text)
Chekhov, Anton Selected works and commentary (HTML at
Chekhov, Anton The Three Sisters (HTML at
Chekhov, Anton Uncle Vanya (HTML at
Chekhov, Anton The Wife, and Other Stories (HTML 
Chekhov, Anton The Witch and Other Stories (HTML at
Darwin, Charles On the Origin of Species (sixth edition) (HTML at
Darwin, Charles The Descent of Man (HTML at
Dostoevsky, Fyodor Selected works and commentary (HTML at
Douglass, Frederick Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave (HTML
Freud, Sigmund Civilization and its Discontents . (HTML at
Freud, Sigmund The Interpretation of Dreams (3rd edition), (HTML at Psych Web) 
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins  The Yellow Wallpaper  (HTML at Virginiaedu)
Ibsen, Henrik  A Doll's House  (Gutenberg tex)
Marx and Engels The Communist Manifesto (HTML
Mill, John Stuart  On Liberty (1859) (HTML
Mill, John Stuart The Subjection of Women (HTML
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady  Declaration of Sentiments (1848)  (
Tolstoy, Leo Anna Karenina, (HTML at Bartleby) 
Tolstoy, Leo The Kreutzer Sonata and Other Stories, (HTML Gutenberg tex
Turgenev, Ivan A Desperate Character and Other Stories, (HTML 
Turgenev, Ivan Fathers and Children (HTML at Bartleby)

Twentieth Century Global Society

Beauvoir, Simone de The Ethics of Ambiguity (HTML )

Gandhi, Mahatma Hind Swarajya or Indian Home Rule (Online Book at
Hemingway, Ernest Hills Like White Elephants, (Hypertext at
Hughes, Langston Hughes Poetry  (
Huxley, Aldous Brave New World. (
Lenin What Is to Be Done? (HTML
Lu Xun New Year's Sacrifice  (
Lu Hsun (Xun) Selected Stories of Lu Hsun  (
Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Letter From Birmingham Jail. pril 16, 1963 (
Speeche "I Have a Dream" (
Mao Tse-Tung (Mao Zedong) Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong) (HTML at
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Speech, at the National Convention of the People's Party of the
Republic, in
Ankara between 15- 20 October, 1927. (at
Nelson Mandela I am Prepared to Die A statement in the Rivonia Trial Pretoria Supreme
Court, 20 April, 1964.
(HTML at
Neruda, Pablo Pablo Neruda Poems (HTML at
Nietzsche, Friedrich Thus Spake Zarathustra (text at
Owen, Wilfred Dulce et Decorum Est (
Sartre, Jean-Paul Existentialism is a Humanism (1946) (
Twain, Mark Life on the Mississippi (HTML at
Twain, Mark Roughing It   (Virginia Library)
Tagore, Rabindranath Collection of Poems (HTML at
Tagore, Rabindranath The Hungry Stones and Other Stories  (Project Gutenberg Presents)
Woolf, Virginia Monday or Tuesday (TML at Celebration of Women Writers)
Woolf, Virginia Night and Day (HTML at
Woolf, Virginia The Voyage Out (Gutenberg text)

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Selected Links

World Civilizations:

World Art History:

Ancient Africa:

  • African Timelines -Table of contents of African history and culture.
  • African Voices - History - Provided by National Museum of National History, Smithsonian Institution.
  • The Ancient West African City of Benin - Exhibition in the National Museum of African Art's collection.
  • Explore the Wonders - Let you explore the wonders of African: black kingdoms of the Nile, the Swahili coast , slave kingdoms, the Holy land, road to Timbuktu, lost cities of the south, etc.
  • Mysteries of the Nile - Explore the Pyramids, temples, and other monumental architecture of ancient Egypt through riveting 360° photos shot during this NOVA/PBS Online Adventure.
  • The Story of Africa -The history of the continent from an African perspective.

Ancient China/India:

  • Ancient China - Astrology, Buddhism, Confucius, famous sayings, dragons, Dunhuang caves, Feng shui and more.
  • The British Museum: Ancient India - Interactive features about ancient India through the use of objects from the British Museum's collection. Topics include geography, Buddha, the civilization, writing, scripts, time in ancient India, and the evolution of early Hinduism and its gods and goddesses.
  • Chinese Wedding Traditions - A composite of ancient Chinese wedding customs including the marriage proposal, betrothal, wedding preparations, ceremony, and post-wedding rituals.
  • Daily Life in Ancient China - Basic background information covering the period from about 10,000 B.C. through 900 A.D., and lesson plans, classroom activities, and annotated links.
  • Daily Life in Ancient India - Basic information and links for the ancient civilizations of India.
  • Digital South Asia Library - Reference Resources, Images, Maps, Statistics, Bibliographies, Indexes, and more.
  • Historical Atlas of South Asia - edited by Joseph E. Schwartzberg, the Digital South Asia Library.
  • The Story of India - In this landmark six-part series for PBS and the BBC, Michael Wood will embark on a dazzling and exciting journey through today's India, "seeking in the present for clues to her past, and in the past for clues to her future".
  • A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization - Features a timeline with links to information and images, and essays on topics such as ancient tombs, Buddhism, clothing, and gardens.

Ancient Egypt:

  • The Ancient Egypt Web Site - A timeline; maps and photographs of monuments; information on Middle-Egyptian grammar and the royal titulary of the Egyptian Pharaohs; a browsable list of people, places, and things; a bibliography; and links. Created by a Belgian Egyptologist.
  • Ancient Egyptian Culture - Daily life, history, mythology and more.
  • Ancient Egyptian Pottery - Pictures, history of Egyptian pottery and ceramic arts.
  • The British Museum- Ancient Egypt - Covers topics: home life, geography, religion, the pharaohs, pyramids, temples, trades, and writing from the British Museum.
  • Egyptians - Articles, images, and interactive media from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
  • - An introductory Web site on ancient Egypt, including pharaohs, clip art, pyramids, queens, King Tut, mummies, art, religion, gods, hieroglyphs, societies, and the Sphinx.
  • Larry Orcutt's Catchpenny Mysteries of Ancient Egypt - Explainted.

Ancient Greece:

Ancient and Medieval Middle Eastern:

Ancient Rome:

  • Ancient Rome - Resources of ancient Rome.
  • De Imperatoribus Romanis - An online encyclopedia on the rulers of the Roman empire from Augustus (27 BC-AD 14) to Constantine XI Palaeologus (1449-1453).
  • Encyclopedia Romana - Essays on the history and culture of Rome.
  • The Roman Empire in the First Century - Meet the Emperors of Rome, read the words of poets, philosophers, and learn about life in the 1st Century AD.
  • Romans - From Ancient & classical cultures, provided by Multnomah County Library.

Mayan Mythology:

Medieval Europe: