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Computer Science: Subject Guide

Guarini Library Resources on Computer Science

Subject Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

Related Databases

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Selected Links

NJCU Computer Science Department


  • The Computer Visions Homepage - Computer related resources.
  • EEVL: The Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing - by information specialists the UK.
  • Google Web Directory -Computer Science
  • The Virtual Library:Computing
  • Yahoo! - Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence Publications - from The Institute for Information Technology.
  • Game AI Page - public-domain repository of Games AI code and theory.
  • Marvin Minsky - MIT professor; provides abstracts, bibliography, and biography.

Career & Employment

Computing Research & Learning Theory

  • ACL: Association for Computational Learning - A research field devoted to studying the design and analysis of algorithms for making predictions about the future based on past experiences.
  • Computing in Science and Engineering - interdisciplinary field of computational science.
  • John Case's COLT Page - resources related to COLT.
  • National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI) - team of computer and computational scientists overseeing the formation of a researcher-focused national computational infrastructure.
  • Theory of Computation Group - The Theory of Computation (TOC) Group, a part of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science.


  • Database and Information Systems - LMU Institute for Computer Science, research projects.
  • Data Systems Group - traditional relational database systems, complex objects, geometric data, text, and real-time data.
  • Data Mining Resources - a collection of Data Mining links.
  • Data Modelling - Explains the value of data modelling in an application analysis project.
  • Oracle Corporation - internet-enabled database, tools, and application products, along with related consulting, education, and support services.
  • University of Washington Database Research - database techniques for the web and the management of heterogeneous and semistructured data, theoretical issues relating to complexity and query containment.


  • Google Web Directory - Graphics
  • GoGraph - Source of Web graphics.
  • Graphical User Interface Gallery - a GUI list, with timeline, screenshots, downloads, links. Very useful resource for students of computer interfaces.
  • Open GL - a premier environment for developing portable, interactive 2D and 3D graphics applications.

History & Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Network & Telecommunications

  • Community Connector - a project of the University of Michigan School of Information Community Networking Initiative.
  • Computer Networking Resource Center - news, articles and company profiles.
  • Internetworking Technology Handbook - supported by Cisco.
  • Telecommunication related resources - from University of Pennsylvania Library.


Programming Languages

  • Google Web Directory - Programming Languages - links to extensive set of programming languages web sites, organized by specific language.
  • Programmers Heaven - programming related web surfing and file downloading.
  • Borland C++Builder - tool applications for building Windows and Internet.
  • Dr.Bob's C++Builder Gate - news, technical articles, tips and tricks, events and seminars, tools and source code, book and third-party tool reviews for Borland C++Builder Inprise.
  • MVP VisualC++ FAQ - Answers to several frequently asked questions about Visual C++, MFC and Windows development in C/C++.
  • - Sun Microsystems' Java website.
  • Java Boutique - tutorials, articles, reviews.
  • Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) Overview - articles from Java World.
  • Java Security Problems- study in computer security problems.
  • JavaRanch - prepare for Java certification with the Rule Roundup game.
  • - FAQs with community forums, self-paced training, and news from the field.
  • Joe Bank's Java Security Paper - security issues raised by the Java language.
  • Micro Java Network - news, downloads, and other resources.
  • What's J2ME? - from the O'Reilly Network.
  • Visual Basic resources -Visual Basic-specific information resources.


  • Google Web Directory - Software - Software categorized by letter.
  • FreeOS - articles, documentation, links and news about Linux and other operating systems.
  • IBM Redbooks - details of a project to implement IBM software and hardware, conference presentation material, introductory textbooks on a specific IBM hardware or software product, and more.
  • - online forum brings users of all levels the most current information on Linux.
  • SCO Home Page - The world's leading provider of UNIX server operating systems and a global leader in business system software for Network Computing.
  • UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions - UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions.