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Beyond Boundaries: Guarini Library Resources on U.S. Immigrant Groups

Use the library resources in this guide to locate historical and cultural information about immigrant groups in the United States.

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Immigrant Experience in the United States

This link will search the Guarini Library catalog for both print and e-books about many different immigrant groups in the United States.

Other keywords to try:

  • Assimilation
  • Minorities
  • Refugees
  • Ethnic neighborhoods

These links below will search the library catalog for books and ebooks about specific immigrant groups.

Modify any of the searches by replacing the country name or the nationality with the one you want to research.

Local and National News

Library Databases: History, Geography, Current Issues

Journal Articles in History and Social Sciences:

History and Geography Reference Information and Primary Sources: 

Current Events and Issues:

Immigrant Groups in the United States

These Reference materials can help you to identify and research immigrant groups in the United States.  These books are available in print in the Reference Department on the second floor of the Guarini Library.

Note: These Reference resources are available both in print and as e-books which can be accessed from home and off campus. Just follow the links and use your Gothic ID as your login:

This is a classic work on immigration and immigrant groups in the United States. We only have it print  - ask for it at the Circulation Desk on the first floor in Academic Reserves:

These two are not online - they are only available in print:

Statistical Information on Immigrants in the United States

Much of the statistical information about immigrants in the United States derives from the U.S. Government sources such as the decennial census and or is collected by federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security. 

This section contains links to the website and other related resources.